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  PVC wood grain decorative film, is a newly-developed environmentally friendly material.

  It can be used and applied for the surface finishing of furniture, doors, speakers, cabinets, gift boxes, steel etc.

  It can be also used as boeing films with glue,

  interior decoration and other fields with variety kinds of products.


  PVC decorative wood grain film, PVC wood grain sheet, has perfect lay-flat, beautiful color.

  There are more than 200 kind of emboss grain can be choosed.

  Over 150 kind printing design, like teak, oak, cherry, pine, maple, walnut, beech, etc.

  With characteristics of verisimilar emulation effect, elegant color and luster,

  super stereoscopic impression, waterproof, acid & alkali resistance,

  self-extinguishing from fire, ease of use, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, paint free,

  it's a new type of environmentally friendly products.


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