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  • Unique production line
    Successfully developed the world's
    only new plastic sheet extrusion production line
  • B-TRUST honors
    The best manufacturer of
    planetary roller extruder in China
  • The main product market share
    Planetary roller extruder
    China accounted for 80% market share

Beijing B-TRUST Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd
belongs to Beijing WINTEC(Huatengjiahe) Technology Co.,Ltd,


  is a highly innovative science and technology enterprise which is a blend of R&D,manufacturing,selling

  and service of plastic sheet extrusion machinery.


  B-TRUST has been honoring as “The best manufacturer of planetary roller extruder in China” for decades,the major product

  Planetary Roller Extruder has captured above 80% maket of China and been soled all over the world.


  As companies continue to grow and develop in recent years, the one and only new plastic sheet extrusion line is developed and

  manufactured successfully by B-TRUST that realizes high capacity and high quality of plastic sheet in extrusion process.


  B-TRUST is also engaged in producing and exporting PVC decorative films in order to have diversified businesses, the major products are

  including high quality wood grain film,marble film,high gloss kitchen cabinet film,sparkle film etc.

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